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ALL NEW!  Shipwreck Island Escape Room

Your day trip around this beautiful tropical paradise has just been interrupted by an incoming storm. Your tour boat was tossed side to side until it broke into hundreds of pieces. You and your friends wash up on the beach of an isolated Island, with nothing but a dense jungle, and a small fishing shack. The storm seems to be getting worse, and the water is rising fast! Seeking shelter from the storm, you enter the structure and are now tasked with figuring out a way off this beach and signal rescue crews before the storm worsens. At this rate, you’ve only got a small amount of time before the storm washes you all out to sea!

ALL NEW!  Santa’s Workshop

Rumor has it you have been accidentally put on the naughty list for bad behavior this year! Santa and the elves are out of the workshop feeding the reindeer but will be back soon. You have one hour to find the list before your name is permanently on….The Naughty List!

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Trapped Mineshaft Escape

Trapped Mineshaft Escape


Our trapped mineshaft escape room adventure will take you on a self-guided tour through the old abandoned mineshaft. Work together, find clues, solve the mysteries, find hidden passages and try to get back to the surface before the time runs out!

This escape room theme is NOT scary and is intended to be fun for all ages.

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